Be happily Married

Marriage is for life


Whether you’re about to be married, or you’re already there, the marriage coaching program will help your marriage become strong with greater communication, deeper intimacy, clarity on roles and expectations, conflict resolution skills and so, so much more.​

The coaching program assesses a broad range of dimensions and is an excellent tool to help you have a better understanding about what you can expect from a successful, happy and rewarding marriage.

Using the leading relationship assessment and skills-building program, Prepare, these sessions are built on a foundation of solid, university-developed research which is proven to significantly improve a couple’s relationship.

I'm Mark Sceriha.

For many years I’ve been helping couples establish the marriage of their dreams. 


The truth is marriage is not always easy but with the right insight, tools and strategies to move forward you can have a happy marriage.


I work one-on-one with couples to highlight strengths in their relationship, pinpoint weaknesses and equip them to strengthen the weaker parts so their marriage can be rock solid in all areas.



Prior to our sessions, each partner will complete a customised multiple choice couple questionnaire online, which identifies the couple's strength and growth areas.  The areas covered will include communication, conflict resolution, roles and responsibilities, financial management, partner habits, social life, sexual expectations and more. 


The answers each partner provides within each of the above categories are compared to determine where you agree, where you disagree, what areas need particular focus and more. 


Based on your results, you will receive between three to five coaching sessions, each one-hour long, in which we unpack the results and discuss proven relationship skills. 


Coaching gives you the opportunity to establish some strong foundations that will set your marriage up to succeed for decades to come.  Not only that but you’ll also be equipped with tools to help you through the challenging times of your marriage.  Plus, you’ll probably even discover some things about your partner that you didn’t know, and who knows, you may even discover some things about yourself.



If you're trying to figure out whether or not you need pre-marital coaching, we can save you some time — YOU DO. We didn't realise how much we needed it until our first session with Mark. He took the time to understand our relationship dynamic and our personalities. We had to unpack a lot of trauma and past hurts and the effects they were having on our relationship. Through it all, we felt safe and assured that Mark was there for our best interests. He had his work cut out for him. Without hesitation, we can say that our relationship has been strengthened and better equipped to love and grow with one another. We are ready for marriage. We are ready for the rest of our lives. 

Jonah & Nikki, Gold Coast


The coaching program is for couples who are engaged or looking to marry or those who are already married and either need support to move from misery to happiness or simply want to add that spark to keep their marriage fresh. 


If you’re an established married couple the coaching program shifts gears to provide you with the insight and support needed to refresh your marriage and help the couple return to the love, passion and friendship they had for each other on their wedding day.



What is Pine Belt Streaming TV service, and how much does it cost?

PBTV is a streaming service that uses an app through any Android operating device to give you a top-quality television viewing experience. Our TV service utilizes our Pine Belt internet service to give you a bundled package for your viewing pleasure and convenience. We also offer an analog cable service that provides our customers with all their local TV channels. Simply Click Here to view all packages and prices for TV and internet services offered by Pine Belt.

Will I be able to get my local channels?

Yes, you will. Each region is divided into a designated market area or DMA. The DMA you reside in determines the local channels you receive. Grove Hill/Whatley receives the Mobile/Pensacola locals. Butler/Lisman receives the Meridian locals and areas from Arlington to Selma receive the Montgomery/Selma locals.

Do you require a contract?

Our cable and internet services do not require a contract.

How long will it take to get service installed?

During normal conditions, you can expect your service within 3 working days.

What is and do you offer watch tv everywhere?

Yes. Watch TV everywhere is TV that goes where you go. Watch many of your favorite shows on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other Internet connected device. All you need is your customer account number, an email address and internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Do you offer HDTV?

Yes, our streaming service is delivered in High Definition. Our analog package is not.

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Yes, our streaming service offer an Android device through which you can record. We offer a TIVO for our analog package.

Will I get the same channel on each television?

No. With our streaming service, each device you have must be capable of downloading the Pine BeltTV app which will function independent of each other.

What channels do you offer?

We offer all local channels, as well as over 170 cable network, music and premium channels. See the channel lineup for the channels each package includes by Clicking Here

How much is installation?

Installation is $43.33 and includes two outlets. Additional outlets (TVs) are $10 at time of install.