I'll take care of it

What I do

I’ve been married to Simóne for 15 years and here's a big secret, we didn't enjoy our wedding day.  So, I'm on a mission to make sure you enjoy yours.  My passion is to create ceremonies that are relaxing, make people laugh and everyone has a good time because who doesn't love a good time?


I've been kickstarting marriages for well over a decade and I just love getting to know you, your story and hearing about your love for one another so we can create a ceremony that is uniquely you.  


Whether you're getting married on the beach, in the bush, at home or on a hilltop, I'd love to help make your ceremony something everyone will love.  I love creating ceremonies that highlight your love and relationship, whether it be something traditional or modern, or, my favourite, a blend of both. 


I'm comfortable in front of three people or thousands, so whether you're eloping or hosting a small army, I'll make sure your wedding ceremony is relaxing, you have a laugh and everyone enjoys your special day.


From the moment you make contact with me, I'll be there as much as you need.  We can meet as many times as needed to plan your ceremony, I can give you some tips and ideas so we can create an awesome wedding ceremony.  I want to make sure you're relaxed and confident through this whole process.


I'll complete and lodge all the legal paperwork for you, and, if you wish, I can even provide you with pre-marriage coaching sessions.


And if you're looking for an awesome, in-demand hair and makeup artist, then my wife Simóne and her team from Bella Rae  can deliver. 

Here's some important stuff you should know

My PA System

You'll notice that a PA system isn't included in any of the lists above, that's because it's not.  Most outdoor wedding venues provide couples with a PA system,  if yours doesn't, let me know and I'll arrange a great one for you. However it will cost an additional $120.

Locking in Your Wedding Date.

Your ceremony date and time is locked in and exclusively yours, once you pay your $400 deposit and we receive your booking form. 

Can I Change My Mind?

You can change your date and time, as much as you like - as long as your new ceremony date and time are available - at no additional cost. Once your deposit is paid there is no refund for cancellation. 

Can I Have Extra Stuff?

I will make your wedding uniquely yours.  If there's additional components you want added to a ceremony, like candle lighting or sand pouring, let's go for it!

How Much Notice Do You Need?

The Australian Government requires that you sign a Notice of Intent to Marry Form at least one month before the wedding. This is usually worked through at your first meeting.