A wedding lasts for just a moment.

A marriage is for life.

Pre-Marriage coaching will prepare you to enter married life from a position of strength.  Using the leading relationship assessment and skills-building program, Prepare, these sessions are built on a solid research foundation and proven to significantly improve a couple’s relationship.

The Couple's Coaching assesses a broad range of dimensions and is an excellent tool to help couples have a better understanding about what they may expect from a successful, happy and rewarding marriage.

To begin with, each person will complete a customised couple assessment online, which identifies the couple's strength and growth areas.  Based on your results, I provide between three to five coaching sessions, each at least one hour long, in which we unpack the results and discuss proven relationship skills.

Couple's Coaching gives you the opportunity to establish some strong foundations that will set your marriage up to succeed for decades to come.  Not only that but you’ll also be equipped with tools to help you through the challenging times of your marriage.  Plus, you’ll probably even discover some things about your fiancée that you didn’t know, and who knows, you may even discover some things about yourself. 

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